Liquor Legends [and familial brands Urban Cellars and Clubs Link have] transformed the way it communicates with its 225,000 Rewards Members by taking on a more personalised approach.

The newly launched Personalised Messaging platform allows [them] to digitally communicate with its customers in a way that will send offers matched to the customer's Preferred Purchase Categories (PPC).

The digital communication system will ensure that customers are only receiving offers based on products that are most likely to influence their purchase decisions or promote up-sell recommendations.

Rewards Members' PPCs are to be updated weekly, before each eDM, so the first communication any Rewards Member receives is personalised based on their first sale.

If a Rewards Member only has one PPC, further PPCs will be generated based on other consumer insights, such as age and gender. The system has the ability to identify up to 12 PPCs, but will initially use only four in its weekly promotional communications.

An email sent out to Liquor Legends suppliers and obtained by TheShout said: "Up until this week, we have sent weekly eDM or SMS messages to REWARDS members, promoting leading REWARDS offers for that given period. This has worked well in maintaining the awareness of ‘Member Exclusive’ offers but has been limited to broad, generic offers only. As of yesterday, we now send offers matched to their Preferred Purchase Category (PPC), giving the customer what they want, no other independent retailer can do this.

"Through our shopper data, we’ve analysed the behavioural logic, in turn creating individual profiles for each REWARDS member allowing us to communicate directly to that specific profile, essentially giving the customer what they want."

A spokesperson for [the company] told TheShout that this is "a pretty significant milestone in our digital marketing and the way we communicate to customers.

This article was originally published on TheShout.